The most important reason to have a professional portrait

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In this digital age, taking a photograph is the easiest thing in the world. Well-equipped with technology, we pause and take photographs to our heart’s content. The mobile phone, a digital camera, your Ipad.. there are so many ways in which you click a photograph of your loved ones. The cameras are easy to use and you don’t feel the need to either study in depth the instructions or spend too much time overthinking the poses. When we are not satisfied with the picture, we simply erase and click! Do we need a professional photographer to take our pictures given all this technology at our fingertips?

Of course we do!!

When I open the folders in my computer, I see thousands of photographs that I have taken at various scenes and at various moments. How many actually get printed and put in an album or hung on the wall?  The joy of holding an album in your hand and flipping through it, or that special photo that is printed and put up on the wall – that is a wonderful feeling.

In every house, there is always this one person who assumes the role of the family photographer and is rarely seen in the group photos. And you finally want that one family portrait with you in it. In our fast-paced lives, our family time is precious and capturing that beautiful family portrait is a wonderful gift to yourself and your family.  A baby in the family, important milestones such as anniversaries, birthdays are causes for celebration. You wake up one day and your child is ready to go to college or embarking on the next chapter of her life as a professional.

That is where a portrait of your loved ones taken by a professional photographer comes into the picture!

What is the most important part of a photograph?  It is the composition that matters.  That is what turns an ordinary photograph into a work of art! The backdrop, angles that flatter and tease a smile, that perfect lighting, the colours that weave together, it is poetry in a picture.  A professional photograph can create a photograph that is treasured down the ages. Every time you see it on the wall, it brings a smile to your face. That is what a professional photograph is all about. A twinkle in the eye or a roguish smile that you remember can be skillfully captured by a professional.

A professional photographer looks at the context, the background of your home, the warmth and love within the family and brings it all out in a photo with a click. Relaxed, intimate, together, on your own, everything is possible with the ultimate professional photographer.